YRMOS Candice Lau Head 01 in Earthenware Black

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Colour: Black


Candice Lau, Head Series is the first act of the YRMOS Art project. Commissioned by Ulrich Boulon, the earthenware sculptural head is hand-built with a black clear glaze. Each art piece evokes 'Reason' as the thinking part of the soul and varies in hairstyle to underline self-expression and freedom. The sculpture is presented on a plaster base and signed by the artist.

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YRMOS Art curated by Ulrich Boulon 

YRMOS Art captures different aspects of the YRMOS personality, underlining the uniqueness of curious individuals through the eyes of artists selected by Ulrich Boulon. It paves a new interpretation of freedom and many aspects of the YRMOS attitude. Creative disciplines across Art and Fashion reinforce and fuel the concept of intentional simplicity, diversity, self-expression and self-confidence through the informed lens.

YRMOS Candice Lau Art Project

From Platonic soul to YRMOS.

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