Head SeriesCandice Lau

From Platonic soul to YRMOS.

The intention of the project is to explore the meaning of Reason, underlining the logical sense through the eyes of artists selected by Ulrich Boulon. This project is an artistic commentary on culture while emphasising the core values of YRMOS. A potent mixture of self-expression, self-confidence and problem-solving was generated by Candice Lau who has come forward to make a conversational statement.

Candice Lau documented by Matt Krygowski for YRMOS

London, England, UK

Candice Lau is an award winning master leatherworker and sculptor, predominantly known for her art of amalgamating leather and clay. The aesthetics of her work is conceived out of the process of weaving and pulling clay as if it was leather, and treating leather as if it was a material with fluid characteristics.

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