The Mana

The Restore Collection culminates Maison YRMOS' vision of luxury rooted in the principle of rest. Unveiled is the collection's signature headwear, 'The Mana'; the essence of restoration designed to celebrate intentional individuals.

"The intention for this debut collection was to translate the virtue of rest into an heirloom and edify a restoration of the mind, body, and spirit. As the design developed, The Mana started to fit into our relaxation rituals. It became a reminder that rest is a personalised language to learn and is essential to living from the soul", says Designer Ulrich Boulon of YRMOS.

The aesthetic unifies comfort and subtle sensuality for the individual who wears his quintessence, a timeless affirmation of the YRMOS canon.

A Modern Heritage with Effortless Simplicity

The offering explores a new cadence of contemporary culture through minimalist principles, allowing well-being to propel the function of luxury.

Communicating an expanse of serenity, hues of Vaporous Grey and Vulcan elegantly reflect unparalleled leisure that is seen and felt.

Pared-Back and Re-Elevated Staple

Made in London, England the 'Mana' offers a tactile experience allowing the senses to explore the depths of restoration imbued with luxury. Cloud-like materials of silk and suede surround the wearer, enveloping the senses in tranquillity.

A plush Japanese Suede Leather lining leaves a memorable trace of softness, relieving points of tension.

Interlacing its Maison-owned knotless construction with seamless couture finishes, the 'Mana' maximises comfort while maintaining a lustrous appeal through the absence of marks. The essential's tailored fit bespeaks the Maison's commitment to elegance, reminiscing the intimacy found in the human touch.

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