Beyond Gender Roles: In Conversation with Leslie F. Marem

For our Restore Collection 2023 and the introduction of our signature shape, the 'Mana' hair scarf, we see a spirited individual in a state-of-the-art meditative moment. We talk to Leslie Farah-Marem, a full-time artist and model who's started working as a photographer assisting in the fashion industry in Paris. Now based in Brighton, England, Marem's desire is to create a new perception of the body and the human experience. In this conversation, Leslie talks to us about slowing down, strength and breaking with gender positions through art.

Photography: Daniel Archer

YRMOS: What is your favourite part of the day?

LFM: Nighttime is my favourite part of the day. It's quiet, and everything seems to slow down. That's when I am the most imaginative. With the lack of distractions, I can turn inward and be more in tune with my creativity. I will journal any ideas that come to mind and then create them during the day.

Y: In what ways do you break with tradition and expectations?

LFM: When I think of it, I don't limit myself to gender roles, so I can honestly do whatever makes me happy. For example, I'm passionate about motorcycling because of the joy, freedom and excitement it brings me. Little girls' faces light up when they see me riding, which means a lot to me. The future is bright.

Y: Where do you draw feelings of power and confidence from?

LFM: It always begins with self-care. I feel the best when feeding my body a balanced diet and lots of water. Then I feed my mind, too. It's vital. I'm a curious person, but on an alien level. I love learning about the human experience, and science is my favourite subject. I also value physical exercise, working out at home, cycling to work, and anything to keep me active. For the past year, I have been training in Kung fu. This new outlet allows me to channel my strength and power, making me feel very confident.

Y: What’s next for you?

LFM: I'm working on my art, and that's my priority. I have spent many years perfecting it - looking into the body and revealing a fragment of our inner world. A sophisticated level of perception that I am finally ready to share with the world.

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