At YRMOS, our vision is to create a fashion house that embodies social and ecological consciousness. Our journey begins with a profound commitment to understanding and addressing the comprehensive impact of fashion creation and delivery. To achieve this, we concentrate our efforts on three pivotal areas: overconsumption, waste reduction, and responsible supply chain management.

As our creative journey unfolds and our supply chain grows, we passionately embrace the opportunity to steer change. Our vision is to become stewards of a more sustainable, responsible future in fashion. We meticulously measure, monitor, and reduce our environmental and social footprint, driven by a fervent commitment to fashion that not only responds to challenges but transcends them. In every design, we seek to be architects of a world where overconsumption and waste are relics of the past, and the threads of our supply chain weave a tapestry of purpose and progress.

Our approach revolves around offering a timeless, seasonless collection crafted from high-quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Our designs are carefully curated to maintain their relevance over time, promoting a more sustainable and lasting fashion experience.

We strive to strike a harmonious balance between production and demand, ensuring that we produce significantly less than the expected demand. This approach not only minimises overproduction but also allows us to operate efficiently in terms of development, production, and distribution. Furthermore, we actively contribute to the circular economy by donating relevant waste materials from our atelier to fashion institutions. We closely monitor and minimise waste in our distribution centres while also focusing on the responsible reuse of internal packaging materials, reducing our reliance on plastics.

Supply chain sustainability
Our commitment to a well-managed supply chain is unwavering. We seek to understand and mitigate risks while continually identifying opportunities for improvement. In pursuit of this, we've developed a set of comprehensive policies and programs, in collaboration with trusted partners and cutting-edge technologies, to reduce our environmental and social impact over time.

Supplier Selection: We have carefully chosen a select group of distinguished suppliers, primarily located in Europe, known for their quality and craftsmanship

(Coming Soon) Transparency: In 2024, we will utilise the Fairly Made technology platform to achieve transparency and open communication with our suppliers.

Environmental and Social Assessment: Our management system is continuously evolving to assess and improve the environmental and social status of our suppliers at each tier of the supply chain.

Comprehensive Policies: We adhere to a comprehensive set of policies encompassing chemicals, working conditions, sustainable fabrics, animal welfare, waste management, a code of conduct, and responsible packaging.

Carbon Footprint: We are actively working to understand our carbon footprint across our operations and throughout the value chain.

Material Choices: We do not use fur, exotic skins, or feathers in our products. Our focus is on transitioning key fibres such as wool, cotton, and viscose to certified sustainable options, with the aim to achieve this transition by 2024. We are also exploring low-impact bio-innovative materials in partnership with experts from Sustainable Angle and Sustainable.

Eco-friendly Packaging: The card, paper, and plastic used in our Ready to Wear and Shoes packaging are 100% recyclable, either at home or through designated recycling bins.

Restricted Substances: We actively minimise the chemical impact of our production processes by sourcing eco-friendly substances for our dyes, prints and materials.

Leather: We currently do not have any plans to user real leather. This approach further reduce our impact. No need trace a leather supply chain, all the way back to the farm level, to ensure high standards of animal welfare.


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