YRMOS Restore Silk™: Enveloping Your Senses in Tranquillity

Life can be demanding as you navigate the moments between an early workout, power lunches, (play)dates, or a passion project. It can seem nearly impossible to find time to reconnect with yourself. An occasional nap, breath work, or weekend getaway may work as temporary fixes, but it’s still not enough for many of us. So, where does the resolution lie? Intentional rest.

At YRMOS, intended rest is key to a balanced daily ritual and a prerequisite for any action we take.

Introducing YRMOS Restore Silk™: 100% Mulberry Silk

With the perfect blend of luxury couture and functional style, it’s our most beautiful headwear debut! Crafted in 100% pure, smooth, sueded silk and finished with haute-couture seams, this headwear is purposely designed to enhance your relaxation routine.
We have sourced the highest quality silk available. 100% natural and hypoallergenic, it is the softest natural silk and is as durable as it is luxe. Made with proteins full of amino acids, it has excellent moisture permeability and is super breathable. In other words, it feels incredible on your hair and skin.

Unmatched Design

An uncompromisable design flattering on every head, this beautiful hair scarf offers a modern feel. With a fluid and minimalist shape, it is the ultimate comfortable style. Thoughtful design details like the Maison-owned masterful knotless construction, and the flexible fastening, offer seamless functions to help you achieve your best rest.

Silk that won’t make you sweat

Our naturally thermoregulating silk keeps you at the ideal temperature to stay relaxed. Its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the scalp on cold nights, while its natural cooling properties maintain comfort in warmer weather.

Machine Washable

We constructed our silk headpieces with machine-washable silk, a rare approach to soft and premium materials. Please place them in your washing machine and lay them flat to dry.


The YRMOS Restore Silk™ uses 100% plant-based dyes. We analyse the journey from the silk farms where the fabric is made to the final product designed and handmade in England so that we can ensure the lowest possible impact on the environment.

A luxe relaxing essential, the YRMOS Restore Silk™ collection is made for today’s modern men and women. With so much on our heads, it’s essential to prioritise intended relaxation, and silk is the comforting choice.

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